MU-NIC represents the Mauritian digital community.

.mu domain complaints
If you believe a .mu domain is in breach of policies you can submit a complaint here. Note that the European GDPR rules only apply to data MU-NIC holds with respect to individuals located in the EU.

PLEASE NOTE: MUNIC’s role is to provide general information about .mu domain name policy and industry regulation. We do not provide advice or assistance, in relation to the registration or renewal of specific domain names or host providing services. All such inquiries should be directed to an Accredited Registrar.

The Complaint Resolution Service ( CRS ) supports registry – level suspensions and consists of three parts:

1. Initial review
2. Referral to Ombudsman for amicable complaint resolution
3. Binding arbitration

Referral to an Ombudsman for binding arbitration is carried out by external experts and is a fee-based service ( normally applicable to resolution of complex intellectual property issues ).