ccTLD Policy framework

ccTLD Policy framework

These documents contain policy for Top Level Domains based on best practices from WIPO, Prohibited Internet content legislation in United Kingdom, Australia, CoCCA and other sources. Specifically, they include an interrelated Registration Agreement, Registrar Agreement, Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) and Privacy and WHOIS Policy:

Registration Agreement – By applying (through a registrar or otherwise) for a .mu domain registration and/or through the use or continued use of the domain, the registrant agrees to be bound by the terms of the current domain name policies. 

Registrar Agreement This agreement is the contract between the registry and a registrar.

Acceptable Use Policy – This policy is incorporated by reference into the Registration Agreement and defines the acceptable use of .mu domains.

Privacy & WHOIS Policy – This policy is incorporated by reference into the Registrant Agreement and describes the .mu registry’s privacy and WHOIS policy.

These documents seek to provide choice for registrants by ensuring competition at the registrar level, provide parties to domain registrations a level playing field, combat abuse of the Domain Name System, address cybercrime, protect intellectual property and align use of the TLD register with the applicable legislative environment.

In recognition of the fact that the DNS is often part of the publication chain of Internet content, the policy matrix seeks to address the acceptable use of domains. While a registry operator cannot remove prohibited or unlawful content from the Internet, they can ensure the TLD’s network is not part of the publication chain.

The use of a domain is subject at all times to an AUP that addresses cybercrime, prohibited content, intellectual property abuses and other issues of interest to Internet users.


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